Why Texas seafood is booming, says fisherman

On a Friday night, fishermen from five different counties are lining up at the port in Austin to try to catch fish.

They are looking to make the big bucks of a lucrative season when they can make as much as $300 per day.

But this year, the fish market is booming.

The Texas Department of Agriculture has announced that Texas has reached record fish catches this year.

In 2016, Texas caught just over 4.5 million fish.

That’s nearly 50% more than last year, and more than double the number in 2016.

This year, Texas has more than doubled the number of commercial fish caught this year to nearly 3 million.

That is more than twice the total catch in 2016, according to the Texas Department on Agriculture.

Fish markets are typically bustling on a Friday, with people from all walks of life lining up to catch the fish.

But it’s not just people.

This year, fishing in the Gulf of Mexico has been booming as well.

As the storm system is weakening, Texas is seeing a surge in fishing.

As the weather improves, fish markets are filled with the same people.

But now, there are more people than ever before, and the prices are soaring.

The fish are being sold for more than $400 a pound.

Fish processors and shippers are making more money on fish than they have in years.

And, the price is only going to go up as the season wears on.

I saw people at the Texas fish market this weekend making as much money as I could make, said Tom Smith, who is a shipper with the company that runs the Texas Fish Market.

He sells fish to customers from all over the state, from small-town communities to major cities.

In Texas, fish prices have gone up more than 200% in the past five years.

But this year is different.

In the last few years, Texas Fish markets have been able to handle a lot more demand.

People have been coming from as far away as Florida and California to fish.

And that’s the thing, they’ve got to be able to get there and they’re not making as many trips as they were before, said David Smith, another shipper.

That’s where the catch is going.

The bigger the catch, the more money fishermen are making.

Smith says they’ve seen a 50% increase in the price of fish this year compared to last year.

It’s not the same thing as getting out and fishing for a living, but that’s how the economy works, Smith said.

Fish prices are skyrocketing and that’s good for everyone.


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