“Angelica’s a big deal” in Florida’s fishery

“Angelina is an enormous deal for Florida,” said Florida’s state fisheries director, Mark A. Stryker.

Angelina is a big fish, weighing up to 2,000 pounds. “

The Angelina program is not only a key step in our efforts to improve the quality of our fishery but also a tremendous opportunity for our state.”

Angelina is a big fish, weighing up to 2,000 pounds.

In the state, the fish is listed as endangered.

Styrker said Angelina was captured by fishermen in Florida and brought to a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission lab in Orlando for analysis.

After receiving the results, Styrkers said it was clear that Angelina’s habitat was in urgent need of protection.

“We were able to capture a fish that was quite a bit smaller than our other fish and we saw the extent of the problem,” Styrks said.

“It’s just one of the ways we can help to improve our fisherry, which is why I’m proud to work with this team at FDWC and other stakeholders to get Angelina back on the Florida coast.”

Styrk said Angelica’s capture and subsequent recovery is one of a number of projects the FDWC is undertaking to save the state’s fishing industry from a decline that is already occurring.

Angelina caught on the coast in 2010 Photo by Mike Sutter for Politico Magazine “We have a lot of projects underway that will help to protect Angelina,” Strykers said.

He noted that the state is in the midst of an agreement with the World Wildlife Fund to begin work on a pilot project to help save the species.

He said the project will focus on Angelina and the other small-bodied fish species on the west coast of Florida.

“There’s a lot we need to do to ensure that Angelica is protected,” Stykers said, noting that many of the smaller fish species are now endangered in their native habitats.

“But we’re also working to protect our state’s fishers.

They are our future.”

The FDWC has also worked with a number other stakeholders in Florida, including Florida Department of Agriculture Commissioner Greg Abbott and Florida Department, Fish and Boat Commission Chairman Jim McBride.

“Fisheries and fishery science is our lifeblood and we want to ensure we’re doing everything possible to make sure that it continues to thrive,” Abbott said.

In March, the FDWI received a request from the state to start a pilot program to save Angelina from extinction.

The pilot program would provide funding to research and develop a plan to prevent the extinction of the species, which would include protecting it from commercial fisheries.

“Our fish, including Angelina, is under extreme threat and we’re committed to protecting them,” Stroyer said.


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