Fishing catch down on in Western Australia’s north

Fishing catch in Western Australian’s north has fallen by a third this year after the state’s climate changed, a report by the National Fisheries and Oceans Authority (NFA) says.

Key points:The fishery has been in the red since OctoberLast year, the catch fell by 13%The fishers have been in an all-time low for four yearsNow the catch is down by 12%Source: Fisheries Agency Key pointsThe state’s catch has been falling for four straight yearsThe catch fell from 643,000 tonnes in September last year to a record low of 532,000 in December.

But the fishing industry was not able to recover its loss in a number of areas.

The catch was down by 13 per cent, or 2.7 million tonnes, from the previous year, which was the lowest in the state since 2012.

But in many areas the catch was still down by more than half, with the majority of the decline in the south-west and central areas.

“The catch is now down by a quarter in all of the north, which means that the fishers are in a deep hole,” said Kevin Smith, director of the NFA’s Northern Fisheries Division.

“We have a deep catch in the north which has been going down for a number, and a number not seen in years.”

There’s been a lot of heavy rains in the last two years, so we’re now really starting to see some of the older fish go in.

“The catch of marine mammals, such as dolphins and whales, is also down, with 12,000 fewer tonnes.

But there is hope the fisherry can recover in the western parts of the state, which have seen more heavy rainfall.”

It’s really important that the fishing sector in the North recover,” Smith said.”

If we can see the recovery of the catch in those areas, then we can recover from the current low.

“Topics:fisheries,science-and-technology,fishery,environment,fish-and_marine,wagga-waggo-2450,hawthorn-6100,waSource: The Australian Financial Review


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