How to catch an earworm

The earworm has long been thought to be a disease of fish.

But this year the government has announced plans to introduce a new measure aimed at catching the parasite.

The new measure will see earworms caught in tanks with high levels of carbon dioxide, the second time this year that the Government has introduced a measure to tackle the disease.

But the earworm is also a disease in other ways.

It affects the nervous system, which can cause anxiety, panic attacks and even death.

In some cases, the parasite can cause severe brain damage, leading to long-term cognitive and behavioural problems.

The new legislation will also make it easier for fishkeepers to test fish for earworms, as well as ensure they are caught in high levels, said Fisheries Minister Nicky Wagner.

“I want people to be able to tell the difference between a good fish and a good earworm, so that we can be sure we are getting good fish in our catch,” she said.

The measure will also see the government allow anglers to use a more flexible method of catching earworms.

The Environment Minister, James Merlino, said earworms can spread from fish to fish and “are the result of an interaction between environmental factors, parasites and predators”.

He said the Government is also working on measures to tackle earworm outbreaks in rivers.

There have been two outbreaks of earworms in Victoria, one in the north-west of the state in 2016 and the other in northern Victoria in 2017.

Both of those incidents were caused by water pollution.

Since 2017, Victoria has reported more than 1,000 cases of earworm in the water.

A spokesman for the Environment Department said the department has made improvements to the way it manages water quality to help catch earworms as well.

Victoria Fisheries Commissioner, Steve De Vos, said the measures announced today would help catch the disease faster and help tackle the spread of the disease in the state.

Dr De VOS said there are many more measures in place to tackle this disease, and they would include the creation of new measures to prevent the spread.

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