How crystal lake fishers in Malaysia are coping with a global pandemic

A crystal lake fisherman in Malaysia has been left stranded after a typhoon swept across the country, killing at least eight people and leaving at least 100 people missing.

The Philippine-registered Crystal Lake fishing vessel went missing off the island of Palawan last week, with five of the crew members missing, according to the local authorities.

“It’s just unimaginable.

We’ve lost eight of our crew members.

We lost seven of our boats.

We’re not going to get out of there, even with help,” said the man, who asked to remain anonymous because he feared for his safety.

He said he and the rest of his crew, including his father, were still in a precarious situation, with no power, water and food supplies.

“We’re in a very difficult situation,” he said.

“My boat is full of food, water, but the typhoon has wiped out our food supply.

Our boat is a little over 2,000 tonnes.

We need more food, more fuel, to get through the typhoons.”

Fishermen in Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam have been caught off-guard by the global pandemics.

Many have been unable to return home due to the devastation caused by the storms.

More than 100,000 people have died as a result of the world’s worst-ever typhoon, which has killed at least 9,500 people.

“I’m still in shock,” said Zayad Khan, a 60-year-old fisherman in the southern Philippines who had just returned to Palawan after three days fishing in the waters off the city of Pag-e-Mong.

“The water is salty, the weather is very hard.

I’m just so scared.

We have a lot of fish in the boat, and the typhoid is very bad.

We are very lucky to have our boat.

But the weather here is not good.”

Zayad, whose boat is still docked at the Palawan harbour, said his boat had already been damaged by the typhones before he left for Palawan.

He also said that the fishermen had not been able to secure a place on his boat, because they had no food and were not allowed to dock in the port of Malacca.

“There’s nothing we can do now.

We just need to wait for our boat to be repaired,” he added.”

In the next two to three days, we’re going to be left without a boat,” Zayam added.


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