Why did Biggin Fisheries end its fisheries programme?

Biggin fisheries is a small catch and release fishery operating in the Greater Perth and northern sections of the Great Southern Ocean.

It’s been in operation since 2013, when it first announced plans to develop a catch and catch program to export its products to China.

The catch and releases program was launched in late 2016, but it has now been suspended.

The program was set to be fully operational by 2019, but has now not been formally launched.

The fish was also to have been in the catch and return program.

However, the company has since been fined by the Australian Government for failing to comply with environmental requirements.

Biggin is now facing the prospect of being forced to close down.

In September, the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Environment Department, led by Inspector Mark Burdon, launched an investigation into the company.

On November 6, the Department of Environment and Heritage (DEH) said it was concerned Biggin’s catch and returns program was not in compliance with the National Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

DEH also issued a statement on the issue, saying the catch, release and export programs were “not compliant with the requirements of the Act”.

DEH is the Federal Government’s enforcement body.

The Department said it had requested the Federal Court to impose an order requiring Biggin to halt its catch and/or release programs.

“This is a serious matter,” DEH wrote in a statement.

Biggin also said it would seek judicial review of the decision, in accordance with its Australian Consumer Law. “

DEH will be pursuing this matter through the courts as appropriate.”

Biggin also said it would seek judicial review of the decision, in accordance with its Australian Consumer Law.

The Australian Government said it is disappointed with the decision and is considering all options.

“As the Federal Environment Agency has said, the catch-and-release program for Biggin has been suspended,” the Department said in a written statement.

“[DEH] is currently investigating Biggin for breaching its obligations under the Act, and we are seeking legal advice.”

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) has said it will seek to “assist” Biggin in the future, but the Department does not yet know how long the program will be suspended.


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