What is blue harvest?

As many as 20,000 fish may be dead on the pondwood farm in the southeastern corner of France, where a fishing operation has killed and eaten hundreds of fish for years, according to local officials.

Blue harvest fishing, in which a fish is caught by boat and dumped in a pond, has been a fixture of the French fishing industry since the mid-20th century.

But that hasn’t stopped many fish from being killed, and a recent surge in the industry has led to an explosion in the numbers of fish killed.

Fish are often dumped in ponds, which have been drained of nutrients, which can then be re-used as bait for other fish, according a report in The Associated Press.

The practice has become popular in some areas of France and other parts of Europe, but there have been reports of the practice in other countries.

In 2015, the French Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment found that the number of blue harvest fish killed on the country’s three-million-acre Pondwood Farm in the southwestern suburbs of Paris had increased by more than 100 percent over the past decade.

The ministry said the increase was driven in part by a new trend that has been spreading to the country: the catch of blue fish in ponds has increased in recent years, and some people have been catching them, dumping them into lakes, rivers and streams in some parts of France.

In the past, blue harvest fishing was primarily done in France’s southwestern suburbs, but more and more ponds are being drained to make way for more blue harvest.

The Pondwood farm was a popular spot for blue harvest because the pond’s shallow water makes it ideal for the fish to lay their eggs, which are caught by the fishermen’s nets.

Fishing boats often pull the fish out of the pond.

The ponds are also stocked with waterfowl, and they often have fish in them, which attract the fish, said Paul-Yves de la Fonseca, an ecologist at the Ecofis, a French environmental group.

It was illegal in France to catch blue harvest in the Pondwood Farms, but the practice is still widely accepted, and there are more than 1,000 blue harvest ponds around France, according the EcoFis.

The problem with blue harvest is that it can cause massive problems in the pond, which has been drained by people, who then use the waste to fertilize their fields, de la Flonsecas said.

In recent years it has become easier for blue harvesting boats to catch fish in the ponds, and the practice has spread to other areas of the country, including the French Riviera, where many farmers are also harvesting fish.

Some people even use blue harvest catch in their farming practices, de La Fon seca said.

The ponds are filled with saltwater that can attract blue harvest catches, and people have become addicted to the lure of the bait, de Flon secas said, because they believe it will attract the best fish, even if the fish are actually dead.

The French Ministry said blue harvest boats can also catch fish from the ponds by releasing the fish back into the lake.

The Ministry of Environment said it has launched an investigation into the situation, but it’s too early to say whether the situation will be corrected.


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