Bluebell carp catch near Westchester catches record

Catch of bluebell carp on Westchester coast is more than 50 percent higher than last year article Fishing experts say bluebells are catching up to 50 percent more fish in a new catch area off the coast of Lawrence, a city about 20 miles north of Manhattan.

A fisherman in the community of Bluebell told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he had caught 50 tons of the species in less than a week, and a local fishery official said another 40 to 50 tons had been caught by fishermen there in the past month.

The catch has boosted bluebell catches to nearly 1,000 tons this year, with more than 1,500 tons of blue bell carp expected to be caught in the next few weeks, said Ken Hockley, director of the Lawrence Fishery Center.

Bluebells, native to the southern United States, are an invasive species that have been in the country for decades.

The species, which are native to Asia, have become an issue for some states, as they can spread diseases and cause harm to local fish populations.

Bluebells can live up to six years in the wild, but they can’t reproduce sexually and cannot breed.

Blue bells have long been known for their ability to grow to massive size.

Some species reach more than three feet in length and can grow to more than 60 feet.

But their biggest predators are carp, which can reach nearly a foot in length.

Blue Bells have been a problem for many years in New York state, where there are about 60 species of the fish.

Fishermen in Westchester and Nassau counties have said they’ve been able to catch bluebell for years because they’re more resistant to catching other fish, like trout, in those areas.

The bluebell is a native of the Pacific Northwest, where it was first found by scientists in the 1960s.

The fish are also native to North America, where they’re known as the Atlantic salmon.


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