Irish fishery to face major challenges as population rises

Dublin is facing a serious threat from climate change, with rising sea levels and sea-level rise threatening its fishery and its economy.

The Dublin Bay fishery is being hit by rising sea-levels and sea level rise.

The city is also facing a growing number of marine species such as cod and swordfish that have been moving out of the city to areas of the country with warmer waters.

A report by the National Institute of Marine Science said that sea levels were likely to rise by up to 5cm by 2100.

The report said the impacts on fishing were significant and were likely due to climate change.

It said the area in which Dublin is located was one of the areas most affected.

The study found that if sea levels continue to rise, the area would become uninhabitable.

The Irish Government has set up a marine conservation group to protect the fish and marine resources in the bay.

This is the first time the group has been established in Dublin.

The marine conservation project includes research and development of conservation strategies and projects that can help protect the fisheries.

Dublin has the world’s largest fish catch of cod and the world famous swordfish.

In the past decade the city has been seeing an increase in the number of cod being caught.

This increase is due to warmer water conditions.

It has resulted in a number of species migrating to the bay area.

The researchers say this has contributed to the rise in sea levels, which are expected to rise at least 3cm by the year 2100.

They said there were more species of swordfish moving out to areas in the south of the bay in the coming decades.

They also said that the species which are currently caught will be unable to survive on the current fishing ground.

They have warned that if the global sea level rises by up more than 1cm by 2050, the Irish Government will be forced to take measures to protect this valuable fishery.

The group also called on the Government to set up marine parks for fish species, which would help reduce the impact of sea level on the region.


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