How to catch the Peruvian anchovies

Peruvian Anchovies are a big deal in the north.

It’s not surprising they are often caught as a delicacy in a South American market.

The only catch is the anchovy itself, which can sell for a few dollars a kilo.

But the meat is not what the Peruvians are concerned about.

They are worried about the harmful effects on the marine environment, and are using them to scare consumers.

“We’re worried about anchovies because they’re being eaten by a lot of people, particularly in the south, especially in Peru,” said José, a fisherman in the remote fishing village of Santa Pascua.

“They are used as a condiment in cooking.

The fish are being sold as a source of protein.”

There are several types of anchovies, but they’re most commonly referred to as “lacapu” or “laceratora.”

Lacapu are caught in shallow water, and often they’re caught in areas where anchovies are rare or even nonexistent.

Lacapucas are harvested in large groups.

Jose said that while they were only caught recently, he had seen dozens of fish in the past two weeks.

The Peruvian fishing community is very concerned about the effects anchovies have on the reef.

“The fish are very big, they can hold up to 15 kilograms [24 pounds],” said Jose, who is also the owner of a local fish-monger.

But the Peruans are not just concerned about anchovy. “

It’s like we’re taking these fish and we’re putting them in this heavy net, because they are very heavy and we can’t move them.”

But the Peruans are not just concerned about anchovy.

They’re also concerned about a number of other marine species.

In addition to anchovies and laceratoras, there are also pufferfish, shrimp, and other seafoods.

“Some of the shrimp are contaminated with anchovy blood,” said Jose.

“Because of that, it’s causing them to be sick.

We don’t know if it’s from the anchovies or the blood.”

In some cases, anchovies can be eaten raw, and sometimes even cooked.

But Jose said he’s not allowed to cook them, and that the fish is sometimes eaten without the flesh.

The seafood industry in Peru is so important to the people of the region, and they’re the ones that are suffering from the impacts anchovies pose to the environment.

“In some cases we’re selling them to restaurants,” he said.

“There are a lot more restaurants that are eating them because of the anchoring.”

The Peruvian government is aware of the risks of anchovy consumption.

A spokesman for the Perpós, a government agency, told ABC News that “pufferfish is a source fish of environmental concern because of its toxicity to the coral reef.”

The spokesman also noted that “in some regions, fish stocks are threatened due to anchovy contamination.”

But they also noted “it is possible that the effects on marine life due to the consumption of anchoises may be temporary.”

The spokesperson also said the Perumas government is working on a proposal to ban the consumption and sale of anchovie.

And they said that they hope to have a proposal ready by March 1.

The industry’s stance is not unique.

In Peru, there is a growing push to ban anchovies from the country.

Last year, the government proposed a bill that would ban anchovy from the market by July 1, 2021.

The bill also calls for anchovies to be banned from the consumption by August 31, 2020.

In January, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture proposed a ban on anchovies in January 2021.

But many of the local fishermen who are concerned say the ban won’t do anything to stop the consumption.

“I’m worried because I know anchovies were in the ocean for thousands of years,” said one fisherman.

“What will happen when the anchovie goes into the ocean?”

“There is a lot that needs to be done.

There are many anchovies on the market and it is not possible to stop them from going into the oceans,” said another fisherman.

According to the Perú government, there’s no way to predict the effect the anchovets will have on marine species, and there’s little that they can do to control them.

It is still illegal to catch anchovies for the U.S. market, but according to the Department of Agriculture, there has been a rise in demand.

A spokesperson for the agency told ABC that there are more than 3,000 restaurants in the U, and about 70 percent of them have approved the use of anchoves.

“At this point, there aren’t any rules or regulations in place that specifically prohibit anchovies consumption,” said spokesperson Jennifer Tompkins.

“If they are caught illegally, they may


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