Alaskan fishery hit by drought: The experts

Highridge fisheries are in a dire state as climate change is threatening their survival.

Key points: The Alaskans government is considering shutting down the fishery and moving it to a new location in the northKey points Alaska’s government has decided to consider moving the fishers to a different location in AlaskaThis could mean the loss of the fisher population in Alaska and a possible reopening of the Alaskas watersIn a report, the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) said the fisher populations in highridge and the northern Arctic were at “record lows”.

“The fishery is in a perilous state,” the agency said in a statement.

The fishers depend on the Alcatraz Glacier, which has been closed in recent years due to climate change, for food.”

This is also due to changes in water temperatures and the number of fish in the fisherys.”

The fishers depend on the Alcatraz Glacier, which has been closed in recent years due to climate change, for food.

The fisherys have already lost almost 40 per cent of their fisheries since the 1970s, and they have been in a decline since 2007.

The Alaskah Fish and Game Department (AFFGD) is currently studying the fisheries’ future location.

“This has the potential to affect the entire fishery,” AFFGD director Peter Crampton said.

“It’s very important to understand that it’s a dynamic situation.

The impacts are still being assessed.”

Alaska is the last of three states to have its state’s fisheries shut down due to the impacts of climate Change.

The state has the most extensive fishery in the US, and there are nearly 500 species of fish that live in the highlands.

“I’m sure there are some fish that we’re missing from our fisheries,” said AFFD fisheries biologist Tom Schulz.

“But it’s not the whole story, it’s only one of many aspects that affect the fisherry.”

Fishing on the highland has declined over the past few decades, and is in serious decline in some areas.

“The fish we’re losing is not a fish that was in the fisheries before climate change,” Mr Schulz said.

The Alaska Department of Fish and game said it would take the recommendation from the USFWS and work with the fishering communities to ensure the fish populations in the state would be able to recover.

“We want to make sure we have a resilient fishery that can keep up with the changing climate, and we’re going to be doing all we can to make that happen,” Mr Cramton said.

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