Peruvian Anchovy Fishing in Delaware

Peruvian anchovies are a great food source for some fish-eaters in Delaware.

But with the recent decline of the anchovy population, they’ve been targeted by invasive predators such as black sea bass. 

In addition, the Delaware Department of Fish and Wildlife has placed a ban on the commercial fishing of all fish species in the state, including anchovies. 

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the state is currently at or above the “dangerous” threshold for the anchovies, and the only way to keep them from becoming “threatened” is to ban all commercial anchovy fishing.

“It’s a difficult issue to tackle,” said Joe Molloy, a fisheries biologist at the state’s Department of Natural Resources.

“It’s one of those things where you have to be very careful, you have a lot of other issues to address.

The only way we can protect them is to keep the whole thing legal.” 

The state’s moratorium on anchovy commercial fishing was put in place last year following a massive outbreak of black sea Bass in the Delaware Bay.

According to the state Department of Environmental Protection, the fish killed between January and April 2017 in Delaware Bay were killed by the black sea, which had previously only been seen in southern Delaware.

The Black Sea Bass is a highly invasive species, and according to the DDEP, the disease is thought to be responsible for the collapse of the Atlantic ecosystem.

It has spread throughout the state by crossing into Delaware from Canada.

The disease has been found in a variety of locations, including a variety in New Castle County, Delaware, and several other counties in New York state.

According to DDEP statistics, the Black Sea has killed more than 4,500 Delaware Bay fish in the past 12 months, most of which have been fish caught for the baitline fishery.

As a result, the DDEP said the state now has more than 6,500 fish-related citations issued to fishermen for fish-catching violations.

But while the DIEP says it is investigating the source of the Black-Sea Bass outbreaks, the department is taking a cautious approach to the situation.

“The DDEPA and DEP are aware of an outbreak of Black-sea bass in the Atlantic Ocean, but this is an issue that requires further investigation,” Mollory said.

According to Molloys statistics, Delaware has the highest percentage of Black Sea bass in New England and the highest rate of deaths of the fish.

DDEP officials are currently assessing the impact of the new Black-Sable, which is also known as the Black Starfish, which was reported to be causing more than 20 cases of Black Seas per day in New Hampshire in January.

According the Department of Health, New Hampshire’s Black-Starfish was first detected in March 2017.

On the other hand, New York has a much smaller population of Black seas than Delaware.

According an October 2017 study by the University of New Hampshire, there are more than 100 Black Sea species in New Jersey, Delaware and New York.

The study says that while the Black Seas are highly prevalent in the southern portion of New York, they are more prevalent in other parts of the state.

The report noted that although there is a population of black seas in New Mexico, the population is declining, and that the species is now more abundant in the lower Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

In addition, researchers have noted that black seas are also common in the Bahamas and Caribbean, where they have also been detected in the Caribbean.


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