When a fish turns out to be a sea turtle

The word “turtle” conjures up images of the majestic giant creatures that live in the ocean’s depths, and the images are pretty convincing.

But for a long time, turtles have been thought to be nothing more than a collection of tiny, microscopic fish that have the power to change the color of their shells.

When scientists discovered the true form of this little blue beast in the 1980s, it changed everything.

Turtle color is not a result of chemistry but of biology.

“We know it’s not really color,” says biologist and biologist at Duke University David L. Kestenbaum, who led the team that identified the new species.

“It’s a very rare and special case that shows something really unusual.”

Turtles live in deep water where there’s no oxygen and little light to eat from.

They are also able to use the sun’s light to create an extraordinary range of colors that are just right for them.

But the color that the species has become famous for is very different from the typical rainbow of colors commonly found on the sea floor.

The color of a turtle’s shell depends on the depth at which it’s living.

Turtles have evolved from tiny, tiny fishes that were born with the ability to produce one or two pairs of pigments in their shells to have a broad range of color.

Turtles are also capable of using the sun to create their distinctive colors.

Turtles can produce different colors of pigment in different parts of their bodies, depending on their position in the water.

That means that the same color is found on every individual, even if it’s a tiny speck of pigment that’s just visible.

In some cases, those specky pigments can be as long as several centimeters long.

And the colors are more or less constant from one person to the next, even for individuals that have never seen the light of the sun.

“What makes this a little surprising is that the range is so vast, and that it’s very rare to find one species that has the ability,” says Kestensbaum, a professor of biology at Duke.

“There’s not much more we can learn from them.”

But that’s not to say that the colors of a particular turtle are the only thing it can do.

The other things that it can change are the way it looks.

When a turtle grows, its shell starts to grow as a separate body.

The shell grows at a rate that’s similar to a fish’s and is shaped like a little head that’s attached to the body.

But when the shell is fully formed, it starts to change into the shape of a cone-shaped body that’s shaped like the mouth of a duck.

A different color for every turtle can be caused by different mutations in genes.

For example, the blue color of the coloration of the skin on a turtle may be due to a mutation in a gene that’s active in that part of the animal’s body.

Another way that a turtle can change its color is when it is born.

It’s when a turtle is born that it has its first two pairs, called gonads, on the surface of its shell.

These gonads then form the structures that make up its body.

When an egg is laid, the embryo takes on the shell’s shape.

This can be seen when the shells are laid together and the eggs develop on the outside.

As the egg develops, it begins to change shape, creating the distinctive colors that the animals use for food.

In a way, the turtles are a lot like our own bodies.

The turtles’ shells are just a collection and can change in size as they age.

But because the body is a very simple thing to make, we can change the shape and size of the body just by adding or removing different elements.

The shape and the size of an egg can change very easily, and we can even change the size and shape of the shell itself.

But how does that change the turtle’s color?

This is where genetics comes into play.

For the first time, biologists have been able to see how a particular color is produced when a certain gene is active in a specific area of the turtle.

So for example, if a certain mutation in the gene is used to make a blue color on the shells, the shell may be blue because of the genetic change.

But if that same mutation is used in a different area of a different gene, the color may not be the same.

That’s why scientists like Kestenberg have been looking for a specific mutation in that particular gene that could change the way that the color changes.

“Geneticists are able to determine what gene is responsible for the effect of a mutation on a color,” he says.

“That’s really important to understand what’s going on in the shell.”

And since geneticists have been developing new techniques to identify those mutations, they have been learning more about how the shell and the genes that


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