The game that’s changing our oceans

By Brian LonsdaleRead moreShare this article”The Great Barrier Reef is one of the great wonders of our time.

It is one that we have come to know and appreciate, and one that is truly a national treasure,” she said.”

It is one we are all privileged to share, and it is a national priority that we all share.”

The reef is now a “bargain” in itself, with more than a million tourists a year visiting the iconic tourist spots in the summer.

The reef was protected in 1993, and is now in the spotlight because of the effects of climate change, which has made the Great Barrier reef vulnerable to a warming climate.

“The reef has changed,” Dr Smith said.

“There’s been a lot of change.

And in a lot, it’s been an improvement.

There’s been much better coral, a lot more species, and there’s been more biodiversity.”

But, she said, that improvement in the past decade has led to a decline in the number of marine species.

“When the reef is healthy, it is an incredible ecosystem,” Dr Scott said.”[But] what is happening now is we’re seeing the decline of those species that we would have thought were important to the ecosystem, like the tuna, the reef shark, the sea cucumber.”

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