5 Reasons Morning Coffee Is Better Than Tea


New studies regarding the benefits and adverse effects of coffee and tea have been published recently in scientific journals. But since none of them compare the two drinks, it’s hard to answer the question “Which is better, tea or coffee?”

Between different studies, your wishes and the advice of your relatives, you don’t know what to choose. Find a summary of all the pros and cons for a clearer view.

Coffee and tea are the two most commonly consumed beverages globally. Still, people usually opt for a cup of coffee or tea in the morning. While this may indicate some preference, choosing coffee as the official starter of the day may not be as casual as you might think.

That’s why at My Daily life, we want to share why morning coffee can be a better alternative and its benefits.

1. Coffee can help you train better.

If you enjoy waking up and boosting your morning energy with a daily exercise routine, coffee may be the right choice for you. Considering that coffee contains more caffeine than tea, coffee can improve your fitness and reduce fatigue from exercise.

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