6 Tips for Maintaining Your Weight Loss


Successful weight loss is hard enough, but how do you maintain your weight over the long term? Here are our tips.

1- Lose weight for good

Reaching your weight loss goals is something to celebrate! But the mood turns cold as soon as you think about the risks of quickly regaining the weight you’ve finally managed to get rid of. You’ve lost weight, great! Here’s how to “consolidate” your losses, and in the long term.

According to Dr. David Lau, an overweight physician, and professor at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Medicine (he’s also president of Obesity Canada), keeping the pounds off starts with saying goodbye to bad habits and emulating the habits of slim people. “For us doctors, it’s about helping people change their habits forever,” because if you fall back into old habits, you’ll gain the weight back very quickly. So here are the six tips to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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