Peruvian Anchovy Fishing in Delaware

Peruvian anchovies are a great food source for some fish-eaters in Delaware.But with the recent decline of the anchovy population, they’ve been targeted by invasive predators such as black sea bass. In addition, the Delaware Department of Fish and Wildlife has placed a ban on the commercial fishing of all fish species in the state, including

LAX to install GPS tracking devices on planes in wake of Paris attacks

Los Angeles International Airport is installing GPS tracking technology to help travelers navigate the airport’s crowded airport terminals.The project, which is being funded by the California Department of Transportation and the Department of Homeland Security, is part of a broader effort to improve airport security and will add a GPS tracker on the plane seats,

Family of fishermen who lost sons in wild fish catches sue over ‘overreaction’

More than 300 family members of fishermen, who lost their sons in the wild fish catch, are suing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for their wrongful death and other claims.A lawyer for the families said they believe the lawsuit is a legal defense for their son’s parents, who died when their boat capsized during

How to catch the Peruvian anchovies

Peruvian Anchovies are a big deal in the north.It’s not surprising they are often caught as a delicacy in a South American market.The only catch is the anchovy itself, which can sell for a few dollars a kilo.But the meat is not what the Peruvians are concerned about.They are worried about the harmful effects on

How to get involved in the #Cincinnati Fishery #FishingLouisville

Fishermen in Cincinnati’s highridge fisheries have been waiting for the right moment to start their own business, but many of them have found it difficult to get started. A lot of fishermen in the area say they’ve heard about the possibility of creating a small business in the city, but the city has yet to create


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