Red Lake Fishing: The biggest fish in Florida

Fish from the Florida red lake fishery are often the biggest in the world, according to a new study.The study, published in the journal Marine and Petroleum Geology, found that the fish from the lake, the largest in the U.S., are bigger than fish from Lake Michigan and the Gulf of Mexico.Researchers from the University

The Lad bible title Noah and the Flood

A.B. Schafer and his wife, Elizabeth, in 1881, on the eve of the second Noah flood. A.B., now 81, was a farmer in western Pennsylvania who grew corn, soybeans, wheat and potatoes, as well as many other crops. When the flood occurred, Schafer, and his wife Elizabeth, decided to abandon their home in western Harris County, Pennsylvania, to escape the storm. The

How to help protect salmon in the Pacific and Atlantic ocean

The salmon population in the southern Pacific is in danger of disappearing due to climate change, according to a new study.The research, released Tuesday, said a warming world is likely to mean less salmon in both the northern and southern oceans.“We know the northern Pacific is a particularly vulnerable area to climate extremes and warming

Fish catch declines as farmers use aquaculture to feed their families

Farmers in the central and southern parts of the world have been using aquacultures to boost their families’ incomes.In Argentina, farmers in the Buenos Aires province of Patagonia are using the aquacultural techniques to help them feed their family and to reduce CO2 emissions.The farms are growing rice and corn, and they also use organic

When is the next fish festival?

The International Fishery Federation (IFF) has called for the next international fish festival to take place in New Zealand in 2019.In a statement released on Friday, IFF President Michael Tuck said that the festival should be held at the start of next year to coincide with the first harvest.“Fishing communities in New York and Auckland

Why is there a shortage of jobs in the fishing industry?

The U.S. unemployment rate dropped last month to 4.4%, the lowest since October 2007, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.The U.N. agency said the U.D.C. unemployment data was not comparable to other developed economies, citing “different methodological and analytical standards.”The data shows the U to be the country with the lowest unemployment rate for women and

Boondocks fisherman’s experience on the Gold Coast

Fishermen in Boondock have had a tough go of it.Photo: Simon SchluterThe Gold Coast’s Boondocker region has long been regarded as the epicentre of Australia’s “lost” and “undiscovered” fisheries.Now, after years of hard work by fishermen on the Great Barrier Reef, the region is experiencing a turnaround.In the 1980s, the waters of the Great Australian


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