Family of fishermen who lost sons in wild fish catches sue over ‘overreaction’

More than 300 family members of fishermen, who lost their sons in the wild fish catch, are suing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for their wrongful death and other claims.A lawyer for the families said they believe the lawsuit is a legal defense for their son’s parents, who died when their boat capsized during

How to keep your fish out of the water: How to get rid of dead fish

Fishery louisesville, Aragon, Florida, is a small town in central Florida that’s known for its beautiful beaches and lush countryside.However, it also has a notorious reputation as a place where many fish die and their bones can end up in local trash.One of those dead fish is a species of mussels that the town’s residents

Queensland fisheries industry says it’s losing more than $20m per year due to pollution and under-investment

Posted March 04, 2020 12:19:25The state’s primary fisheries sector has lost more than US$20 million a year to pollution, under-funding and understaffing, according to a new report by the Queensland government.Key points:The Queensland Government has said it will tackle the issue by implementing its first comprehensive marine protection policy for over a decadeBering Fishery has

Why is there a shortage of jobs in the fishing industry?

The U.S. unemployment rate dropped last month to 4.4%, the lowest since October 2007, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.The U.N. agency said the U.D.C. unemployment data was not comparable to other developed economies, citing “different methodological and analytical standards.”The data shows the U to be the country with the lowest unemployment rate for women and


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